Beautiful websites for journalists

designed and built by a journalist

Beautiful websites for journalists

designed and built by a journalist

Has Covid-19 meant you’ve had to reach out to new opportunities in journalism or even change careers altogether? Are your skills and experience unrecognised? Become a familiar face in your industry with a brilliant portfolio website to show who you are, what you’ve done and what you can do!

About me

I know journalism as well as I know web design

After 20+ years working on national women’s mags, including eight years at Woman and eight years at NOW (and after publishing my own national print magazine), I got into building websites. I really enjoy it. I studied design way before I moved into journalism, so it made sense to do a front-end web development course. Then I thought: “Why not design websites for journalists?!”

So that’s what I do and I can create a website for you that will help you get a job on a high-profile publication, sell your books or get lots of writing commissions and freelance shifts.

If you’re moving out of journalism and going down a new path into copywriting or another field, I’m here to help you build a professional online identity that makes the most of your knowledge and experience.

First impressions count. Let me help make yours a strong one.

How can I help you?


Web design

I will design and build a stunning professional WordPress website that showcases you and your work.

Website hosting

Reliable cloud hosting for your website with great support (by me!). And your site will be stored on servers based in the UK.

Back ups & security

If you delete your site by mistake or if it breaks, it’s no problem. I take regular back ups and keep your site safe from hackers.


Get a quote


Fill out my online form here

Answering these questions will benefit you even if you don’t hire me. They’re great questions for clarity and will help you work out what you want from a website.


I’ll send you a quote based on your answers

The cost of a website depends on your needs. A basic portfolio site with a bio and a display of your work will be less expensive than say a 50 page travel magazine site.


We get to work discussing style and content

We discuss colours and fonts and you decide what content you want on your site. We work out navigation and build a kind of skeleton that will then turn into your website. 

Get updates

I’ll let you know when my next help and advice article drops and promise not to bombard you with spammy emails.

What journalists say about my work

Featured Comments

Hannah Smith, financial journalist

“I’ve had lots of editors approaching me lately with commissions and many have seen my work on the site so it’s obviously working well!”

Anna Turns, environmental journalist

“A good friend of mine who I regard really highly in the industry says: ‘This is by far and away one of the best websites I have seen, ever! Not only does it look beautiful, it flows fabulously, reads well and really does you justice.”

Carolyn Boyd, travel writer

“My website was a bit of a complicated one as I wanted a section for readers to use my cuttings to research their holidays in France. Sue came up with a brilliant map you can click through to find stories on the different regions. I couldn’t have done it without her hard work and creativity.”

Jo Faragher, writer & editor

“Thanks to Sue Thomason for putting together my portfolio website – it’s clean and well designed, and she was really easy to work with. I heartily recommend her services!”

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